Savon de Marseille

Savon de Marseille is a traditionally hand crafted soap using processes that date back over 400 years. Because the soap is made in this way it doesn’t have any modern chemical additives and can thus claim to be pure and hypoallergenic.

Our original soap contains nothing but olive oil, soda ash and lye. These are mixed together in huge ancient cauldrons and then rinsed with salt water to remove any excess soda. The resultant paste is heated and stirred for ten days and then rinsed with fresh water. It’s then cooled and poured into moulds to start to dry. A couple of days later it is cut into cubes or bars which are further dried before being hand stamped. This hand stamping guarantees the quality. That means that there is at least 72% oil in the soap.

Beware of Imitations

Some producers use shea butter in their soaps. We don’t. Our Originals are all made with olive oil. There are many reasons for this but mainly we stay with olive oil because it’s a humectant. That is, it attracts and holds moisture from the air. So when you wash with our soap you are applying a natural moisturiser. Indeed. many customers find they no longer need moisturisers. (Large scale palm oil production is having a catastrophic effect on the environment because of deforestation in Asia. We try not be a contributor to that but some of our products do have some palm oil).


We only sell Savon de Marseille that is either unperfumed or perfumed with fragrances that are available locally to the manufacturer. We understand that some customers may be allergic to fragrance and we recommend that if you have an adverse reaction that you stop using the soap.

On the other hand, we have customers who have been unable to use high street brand soaps who can happily use our soaps with no adverse effects. We know that some skin conditions are helped by applying olive oil and some by the application of lavender. Our lavender soaps may combine the benefits of both.

How to Buy

We only sell by mail order, so please browse the site and shop to your heart’s content. You can find further information in the FAQs and on the About Us page.